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Storm and Light Pictures // Official website // 2014

Dream, in eternal mystery.

Dream, in eternal mistery.

 “Sturm und Drang” was the cultural movement, which prepared Europe to the birth of Romanticism. From those principles of turbulent feelings, subverted reality and radical subjectivity, Storm and Light Pictures stories develop a metaphysical, experimental, and pictorial visual concept.

Founded in 2011 and based in London, Glasgow, Milan and Florence, Storm and Light is an independent filmmaking company, specializing in narrative products (short films, music videos, feature films, web series) as well as in top end corporate videos. Each of our projects is born by the finest creative flow and the meticulous structuring at the same time. From the brainstorming of an idea, the script and the pre production, up to the filming and the postproduction, Storm and Light deliver their imagery as a unique entertainment experience.