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Storm and Light Pictures // Official website // 2014

Dream, in eternal mystery.
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Management & Production

A creative industries professional for over 20 years, London based Clive has been involved as production manager, publicist, BBC journalist, stage manager, music festival organiser and event trouble shooter since 1991. Just as comfortable working with emerging or established performers, he brings with him his consultancy experience as founder and CEO of The Public-i Music Group; which specialises in event and festival management, publicity and business development, music industry training, artist development and creative industry support through SIN networking, forums and conferences. Theatre remains his first passion.

Contact: Clive@stormandlightpictures.com



Fashion Designer

Russian born fashion designer, who moved to London after her graduation from Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton with a MA in Fashion Design. She has been trained at such fashion brands as Ghulam Sakina and  Alexander McQueen. Her passion for theatrical costume dates back to her childhood, growing up in the ballet environment in Russia and watching her mother stage classical ballet pieces. Ksenia’s designs incorporate a variety of decorative techniques such as bidding, embroidery, knitting, hand paint and digital print on the fabric.  Her work features a use of non-traditional pattern making. She likes to create garments from light fabric, focusing on draping and movement.  Her first collaboration with Storm and Light Pictures is in 2011 with the creation of costumes for the short “Poor unfortunate souls”.

Contact: ksenia@stormandlighpictures.com