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Storm and Light Pictures // Official website // 2014

Dream, in eternal mystery.
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“I’m a writer and performer of the human soul. I combine contrasting emotions and deep analysis. My writing can be sweet and sinister, elegant and violent”

Inga’s first contact with the world of acting was at school in 1994, where she joined the school’s theatre company, getting the chance to play intense and challenging roles such as Ecuba in “The Trojan women” by Euripides, Elektra in “Elektra” by Sophocles and Dionisus in “Bacchants” by Euripides. It was during one of these performances on tour where she received the prestigious Award for Best Dramatic Actress, at the Ancient Greek Theatre Festival in Bologna, at the age of eighteen. Since then, her passion for theatre, either classical drama (such as Pirandello and Beaumarchais), contemporary drama (Phyllis Nagy and Sarah Kane) or comedy (Plautus), has grown to inspire her to experiment with the most diverse roles. She continued to hone her skills by starring in various TV series for Channel 5 – Italy and independent cinema, working with accomplished directors such as P. Pingitore, S. Vitiello and R. Fratter. In 2001 she founded her own theatre company “The foolish” which mainly showcased musical comedies (“In search of an impotent man”, “Till death do you part”, written directed and acted by her). After moving to the UK in 2008, she was specially selected for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009 to perform a play which she wrote, directed and starred in; “Chanel and the smelly world of Market Street” was her first triumph as a playwright. It portrayed the story of four separate characters all of which signified a symbolic aspect of the dirty street. In 2011 she founded Storm and Light Pictures, where she holds the position of writer, screenwriter and performer in English and in Italian.