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Storm and Light Pictures // Official website // 2014

Dream, in eternal mystery.
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 “I’m a visionary and demonstrative artist. My stories talk about the innermost and uncomfortable   human emotions with a provocative, surreal and irreverent eye”

After having graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in 1997, his passion for visual arts and painting, which were developed since he was a young boy, grew more intense and his urge to complete his vision let him to encompass the use of sounds and movements.
Whilst highly sought after as a director for numerous commercials and corporates (international brands such as Danone, Peroni, Agip, Eni, Mattel, Fisher Price, Intel, Unilever, Pininfarina), he continued to follow his deep passion for authoring and directing his own projects.
“Balija” was his first significant short film, within which he presented the theme of the Balkan wars whilst avoiding a documentary style in favor of neat, austere and poetic images. It received 12 awards, amongst which the Best Foreign Fiction at the Sea to Sky Festival in Vancouver, and the First Prize at Fotogramma d’Oro Festival in Castrocaro Terme.
Nevertheless the realistic representation featured in “Balija” wasn’t fully reflective of his entire style; its purity had to be smudged with a touch of disenchantment. With the TV program “Intruders” he showed his attraction for a grotesque scenery and hyperbolical characters, but it was only with the multiple Festival – selected “Tiramisu’” (Portobello Film Festival 2009 London, Corto Fiction Festival, Chianciano Terme) that he provoked the audience through presenting a real human drama with a style that combined fumetti and stop-motion animation.
He founded Storm and Light Pictures in 2011 where he holds the position of director and concept artist.
Along with the film making career, Matteo is highly in demand as a painter and animator.

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