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Storm and Light Pictures // Official website // 2014

Dream, in eternal mystery.

The Melted Heart


AUTHOR’S NOTES (by Inga J Sempel)

The Melted Heart is a love story born despite a conflict and also thanks to a conflict. When I visited the Churchill Barriers and the Italian Chapel for the first time, I felt that both were works of passion and pain. They were built to fight a war and to bring two peoples, the Italian and the Orcadian, together.
Cora and Guido represent those two worlds and both carry the wounds of the war within them. They both want freedom from their present living situation.
The core of the story is the fight that an individual embarks on to reaffirm their self determination, their right to choose their own life path.
It is a story of freedom, strength and devotion to oneself and to their loved ones.
I have developed a raw and lyrical narration, ranging from the mud to the sublime of a clear dawn. It recalls Shakespearian dreamlike echoes but it lingers on the gruesome and realistic details of death too. It combines the claustrophobic scenarios of despair with the boundless flight of hope.



Press conference @ The Reel – Kirkwall